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Love Club Suppers

Mango mousse cake on a biscuit base with fresh raspberries, mango coulis and creme fraiche

Goodbye Love Club Suppers, Hello Bagan!

Love Club Suppers was a blast to say the least, an opportunity for me, Cordelia Peel, to share my passion and love of food, entertaining and bringing people together. However it was time to move on, to grow up and evolve.

I’m excited to announce a new venture with my wonderful friends Lucy Aebischer and Emma Bebb who have helped be develop a dining experience that is closer to my heart and my heritage.

Bagan is a contemporary Burmese dining experience showcasing both traditional Burmese food along with dishes I have created with my own twist. We pop up all over London in interesting and unique locations showcasing the delicious cuisine of Burma (Myanmar). Please see our new website for more details.

Lucy, Emma and I look forward to hosting you at a Burmese banquet soon.

With Love

Cordelia x

Love Club Suppers

Love Club Suppers brings like-minded people together over food to enjoy fabulous dishes, drink, conversation and giggles. We create dinner parties in interesting spaces including warehouses, penthouse apartments, pie ’n’ mash shops and photographic studios among others. This is THE alternative dining experience. Ditch the restaurant and join our club.